Sunday, November 23, 2008

From the Beginning

To those who know me and those who don't.... welcome! As a freshman at Penn State University, I've decided to start my blog about life at PSU. You may ask why talk about PSU, and my question for you is why not? Yes, we are the #3 party school in the nation and yes, we have the best student section in all of college football, so why not talk about Happy Valley a little more? With 40,000 plus students on campus, I assure you there is never a dull moment! OK, so it may be a little ironic that my first post comes from the cozy confines of my real home, but hey a week off is much needed and couldn't come soon enough. And what a better way to kick off my week-long thanksgiving break than by cheering on the Lions from Beaver Stadium as they clinched the Big Ten Championship last night? Even though it took a few hours of sitting in the warm car on the ride home to get feeling back into my hands and toes, it was well worth it. The weather may have been chilly, to say the least, but the energy from the stadium was breath taking, in a good sense. The 109 thousand spectators on hand surely saw a great routing of the Spartans and what a great end to the regular season. So as I sit at home tonight watching some more football, I realize how thankful I am for the pigskin and how great it is to have heat! So welcome one and all and be sure to check back for more updates from down in the valley.